Water in the post 2015 agenda

Beyond 2015 have recently released a position paper on Water in the post-2015 Development agenda:

“This Beyond 2015 position paper addresses the three dimensions of the UN thematic consultation on water, namely Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Water Resources Management; and Wastewater and Water Quality. This Beyond 2015 paper focuses on setting out the importance of these topics for the overall post-2015 development agenda. It argues that the agreed overarching focus on poverty reduction for the post-2015 agenda cannot be achieved unless these three dimensions of water are addressed holistically. The paper further shows how integrating these themes into the future agenda is essential to realising all of the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainable development. As civil society organisations, we firmly believe in the need for a common set of principles that are key to achieving progress across the dimensions of the water theme, but also reach beyond the subject. The Millennium Declaration itself recognised the need for human rights, including equality and non-discrimination, as well as more inclusive and participatory governance to form key objectives of the current set of MDGs.

While the current MDGs have served to focus efforts on poverty eradication and overall development, progress has been uneven and governance and human rights have been neglected. This paper therefore calls for the future framework to catch up on this missed opportunity and to ensure that inclusive, participatory development, based on good governance, environmental sustainability and human rights, are put at the forefront of not just the water theme, but across the entire development agenda.”

You can read the full document here.

Source: Post2015